Sustainable Real Estate developments and projects are the products of innovative technologies, streamlined management process.

Ssavai - Smart AbodesTM provides vertically integrated development and construction management to a variety of real estate projects. We will guide you through the development process, coordinate the broader development team, and serve as the central point for communication and decision making.

Ssavai - Smart AbodesTM Primary Responsibilities:

• Overall project development
• Project management
• Get necessary permissions and approvals
• Create project concept and design
• Marketing and sales


With ever increasing real estate prices and urban amenities, it is extremely difficult for the residents of old societies to find a new place to live.

Redevelopment of old apartments into new apartment blocks with modern facilities is usually an arduous process for most people. With expertise in redevelopment services, Ssavai - Smart Abodes acts as a client-centric intermediary for redevelopment projects.

Ssavai - Smart Abodes PrimaryTM Responsibilities:

• Feasibility Analysis
• Land Assessment & Planning
• Financing Strategies
• Requisite Approvals
• Marketing and sales
• Adherence to all the compliances of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM), Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), etc.

Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA)

The Government of Maharashtra has launched a comprehensive slum rehabilitation scheme. It has introduced an innovative concept of using land as a resource to allow incentive floor space index (FSI) in the form of tenements for sale in the open market for cross-subsidization. They are provided free to the slum-dwellers.

The dream of owning a home for the slum dwellers is fulfilled by the Ssavai - Smart Abodes. The SRA scheme launched by the government of Maharashtra is very beneficial for the people residing in slums as it provides them with their own houses. We at Ssavai - Smart Abodes handle such rehabilitation projects and aim for development at its best.

Ssavai - Smart AbodesTM provides vertically integrated development and construction management to a variety of commercial real estate projects. We will help you in building shopping malls, office spaces and warehouses.

We don’t just construct buildings! We build a strong foundation to help businesses and communities grow. Our team analyses the market to ensure the success of the project as an investment and as part of the community. We scrutinizes each and every aspect of the development process by removing inefficiencies to maximize the returns.

We will guide you through every step of your process — from developing your commercial real estate to helping you find the perfect space to ensure continued success and productivity. Our every solution is handled professionally. Contact Us to know more.

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